William Barnhart

All my paintings are produced in oil paint.  I find the rich nature of the medium sensuous and enticing, and I prefer to work on large format pieces.  My painting process involves building rich layers of pigment, creating a history of esthetic exploration until an image starts to emerge from the chaos and directs me to settle on a final form.  I never approach a painting with a preconceived idea or direction as to where the piece should go. There is a delicate dance between the artist as the facilitator, and fulfilling the needs of the painting as directed by the chaos. By not being shackled with a preconceived direction for the imagery of a painting, I am free to become an explorer, and arrive at visual destinations where I have never been before.  This is a very very liberating way of painting. Often times, the final images are directed not only from the torrid sea of visual currents in which I have cast myself to try and swim, but are also highly influenced by the tidal pulls  of my own subconscious.