Thomas Pfannerstill


Thomas Pfannerstill's painstaking recreations of everyday objects, done in painted and carved wood, are so convincing, they have often been mistaken for actual trash, culled and pinned to gallery walls.  The subject matter of his work often belies the incredible precision of his artistic pursuit, rendering every minute detail with exquisite precision.

"The works in the series "From the Street" are carefully crafted, carved and painted, trompe l'oeil depictions of everyday common objects.  These works record harsh realities and the effects of exposure to natural elements over the course of time, time being a major consideration.  They are markers of a time, and as such will become a tiny part of the fossil record.  They will be a small, hold-in your hand object - a solid, 3-D reminder of the past - an idea I find strangely comforting in a world that is increasingly electronic and virtual."