Peter Burega

Artist Peter Burega embodies the coveted Renaissance man status. World-educated and traveled, his paintings reflect the sum of his collective soul. Following the tradition of their master, Burega’s works traverse the globe including private and corporate collections, from west to east.

“I am most attracted by the reduction of the real into its essence and strive to create something that is visually quiet yet has a strong energetic presence - the endless cycle between the outside reality and one’s psyche,” shares Burega. “My process is that of the old world Dutch masters’ process,” he claims, “and I always begin with red.” Burega’s well-cultivated process begins with photography. “I travel extensively and take thousands of photographs, and it is the spaces where man meets the natural world that captivate me,” he explains. “Photographs of natural forms, such as waves contrasted with man-made structures like bridges, continue to inspire me when I’m back in the studio. As I sift through my photos, I create matrices of images to work from. The beauty of the grid that I score onto every board is that I can include multiple images, abstracting and superimposing them into a single piece.”

“I am definitely the sum of my parts. Everything that I have done in the past affects my paintings and process now. The way I frame a painting and my sense of proportion comes from my TV directing. The tension between chaos and control is definitely informed by my days as an attorney. My work has a musicality that really is reflected in every part of my life. I have had a really wonderful life, and am very lucky that I found my passion.”