Joe Lupiani

Vermont sculptor Joe Lupiani is content in creating work that technically straddles the classical and the modern.  He embraces new technology as a means of opening doors to greater possibilities, while stylistically nodding to the great work of classic masters.

"My admiration of classical sculpture and its expressions of drapery and pose contribute to my latest work.  I wanted to channel these elements but in a way that felt more contemporary.  My intent was sculptures that make you smile, but show the craftsmanship I strive for.  The chimeras are wooden portraits of the unseen egos that animals may have when they are allowed to wear clothes.  2000-2015 was spent in a fine art bronze foundry.  Working on artists' work by day and my own pieces all night, I was immersed in sculpture and techniques.  Surrounded by art it was hard not to be inspired and try new ideas.  The new directions available with digital sculpting and Robotic machining have opened up my work-set from monumental to miniature.  I truly appreciate one foot in the new world of digital and the other in the old world of real materials and craftsmanship."