Iris Scott

New York artist Iris Scott (b. 1984) paints vivid oil paintings with just her fingertips. And where artists normally mix colors on a palette, Scott takes a different approach altogether: she purchases every tube of pigment Holbein makes. A hundred plus tubes are at arm’s length as Scott rapidly switches between colors. Having traded in brushes for latex gloves, Iris Scott is history’s first artist to abandon brushes altogether and focus entirely on finger painting - and legitimizing it in the world of fine art. She happened upon finger painting while living in Taiwan during 2010. Scott chose not to clean her paint brushes one day because it would require pausing her work. Too engrossed in the present to put the painting on hold, Scott accidentally discovered the advantages of the technique literally at her fingertips. Today, she works with paint like a malleable, nearly clay-like medium, pushing it along the canvas in the thick, impressionistic smears that have become her trademark.